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 Diabolic Wacraft 3 Tools

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-> Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools is great software which allows you to customize your Warcraft 3 look. It is a quite old tool already posted on some forums but most of the people don't know about it. Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools contain a lot of cool features like, Warcraft 3 Background, Font, Theme changer etc. - The most important thing about this toolkit is very user friendly, you can perform tasks within clicks. What a Face

• Warcraft 3 Font Changer
• Warcraft 3 Background Changer
• DotA Theme Manager
• Warcraft 3 Models Changer (cooldown UI, Hero Model Fixes, command buttons)

Download Link 1: Click Aici

Download Link 2: Click Aici

Source: Dota Utilities
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Diabolic Wacraft 3 Tools
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